5 Tips for Employers to Earn Respect from Employees

Main Street Business and Franchise Owners as well as Medium and Larger Size Companies should always continue to educated themselves not only on the Business Profit and Loss, but the Human Resource Factors and Tips for Owners and Employers to continue to operate a successful and growing business.

As Owners of Businesses or in an Executive Position for a Company some of the basic tips for Earning the Respect of Employees which can lead to substantially improved productivity and performance for the business are as follows:

Important: Earning respect shouldn’t be a one way street but should be embraced by employers since employees or subordinates are not forced to give bosses or owners respect but it is a valuable asset to show and earn in the workplace. Positive benefits can ensue from building respect.

  1. Be Authentic. You want to be a reflection of your organization’s espoused values and principles and to be promoting transparency and leadership.
  2. Promote Ownership: Always make all employees feel like Owners also versus just renting a job or position but that their voice matters, and that Owners and Leaders in positions of power listen to learn and engage with their employees.
  3. Develop Potential: Help and assist each individual and make them feel like they are reaching their full potential and achieving their performance goals by investing in development of the labor force.
  4. Create an Energized Culture: Create a positive climate where the labor force/employees have their energy directed toward winning the goals and objectives of the business instead of defending against internal detractors.
  5. Sacrifice When Necessary: Be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the organization when such sacrifices contribute to everyone’s success. http://www.forbes.com/sites/lisaquast/2012/09/17/5-tips-for-employers-to-earn-respect-from-employees/

Remember, when employees feel valued and appreciated, they take stronger ownership of their work and seek new opportunities to grow in their roles.

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