Window of Opportunity

By Scott Lieberg, CBB

Buying a business requires current, solid information. The best information is current year-end.

For Sellers, gathering the data is often a source of procrastination. Somehow the daily operation of the business overshadows the need to compile the information needed to sell. Often year-to-date information like P&L and Balance Sheets need to be prepared and some Sellers just plain fight against getting it done..

Good news. What better time to place a business on the market than now. As a wrap-up of 2015, chances are as a business owner, you have already completed your year end. The Year-end P&L, Balance Sheet, Inventory, Sales Tax Reports, W-2’s, Sales and Transaction Records and other vital records are closed and in the hard drive. All of this is current.

What better representation of the company financial position perspective Buyer? And it is DONE. Just down-load and print, or save to a thumb drive. No nagging procrastination, no extended delays. No missing today’s qualified buyer.

We have over 2,000 buyers in our data base here at Sunbelt – Bakersfield.  With new listings added daily, we have a constant marketing push on over 40 business sale websites. If you have considered selling your business within the last 6 months or so, call me at (661) 323-2358 x223 or (661) 378-7407.

Let work together to make 2016 extraordinary.


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