Starting your business early!

Our desire to learn, to achieve and to grow are all enclosed within our genes. My grandson who has actually begun selling lemonade and cookies in front of his house, asked me the other day this wonderful question. What causes a person who has a good job to want to own their own business.  I told my grandson that some people reach a point in their lives where working for a company is a great way to build and ensure a good quality of life. But, not everyone is fully satisfied working for a company. There are limits that are placed on employees in any company due to upper Management protecting its interests. Some of those limits may include the simple task of punching a time clock or giving up your holiday for extra assignments for the benefit of the employer. In some cases the sacrifice may be greater. Then there is the sacrifice of your ideas. You try to enable your ideas to better the company and find that a manager who is in a position above you and has a fear that you may take his job. So he withholds your ideas.

I told my grandson when you own a business like your lemonade stand, you are free to create any idea that comes to your mind to build your business. You have no one to answer to other than your customers. It doesn’t matter if you have to squeeze the lemons by hand or clean up afterwards. The benefit is the enjoyment that you achieved in building something new and you met your goals. You also made some money for yourself.

While owning a lemonade stand for a 4 year old may be a big task, it is a start of his career and he sees the potential to go beyond working for a pay check.

If you have some sour notes in your job and are looking to stretch out your mind for something exciting and challenging, give me a call. Let’s talk about some of my business opportunity listings.

Perry Angress, Business Agent, BRE #01307469, Sunbelt Business Brokers

Cell Phone 661 301 6755


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