Consider A Career in Business Brokerage

By John W. Willingham, CCIM, CBI, CBB

Sunbelt Business Brokers and Advisors is always looking for, “Top Quality”, individuals to join with us in the rewarding and challenging opportunity of Business Brokerage. The reason I am writing this Article for our monthly Newsletter is; many of the best Business Brokers in the business are former business owners. I suppose it could be because these individuals understand business operations better than others who have never owned a business. Our Newsletter is pointed at Business Owners and Buyers, many of which fit the profile of a good Business Broker.

Being a Business Broker is similar in many ways to owning your own business, but with the backing of a multinational corporation that will provide you with complete training and cover most of your expenses. You will need a Real Estate License to get started and we will help you with that. Unlike buying a business your startup cost will only be around $2,000.00 and many business brokers make mid six figure incomes. Check out this Video

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