The Time Value of Money ≠ Money Value of Time

By. Russ Allred MBA

A tenant applied to live in a newly constructed apartment.  The landlord denied the application because the tenant was habitually late paying rent in their current apartment.  The tenant was irritated because they had always paid a $25 late fee, and thought that was ample compensation for a few days wait. The landlord explained that it costs $200 in time every time he has to make an additional deposit. The conflict here is between the Time Value of Money and the Money Value of Time.
Time Value of Money is the term for the opportunity cost of not having cash when you should or the discount charged for the use of money over time.  For example, it is often better to have $100 today than to have $105 in a year.  The discount rate or interest earned for waiting a year is 5%.  All loans and most investments can be evaluated by the Time Value of Money.

The Money Value of Time is seldom considered among entrepreneurs, but grows in importance as the business becomes more successful.  A start up entrepreneur’s time is less valuable than that of a successful business person.  It has been said that Bill Gate’s time is so valuable, it isn’t worth the time for him to stoop down and scoop up a $100 bill. In the case of Gates, that is probably true for $500.

Entrepreneurs must learn to capitalize on both of these principles.  Step 1 is to practice delegating.  If you are running your register, then you are paying your cashier too much.  Delegate each activity to the lowest paid employee possible. Step 2  Make policies to protect you from their incompetence or potential dishonesty.   Step 3  Determine the value of your time so you can compare what you are doing against what you should be doing.  For example, should you be taking the deposit to the bank or negotiating a new loan?  What is a better use of your valuable time?  Step 4 Invest your excess capital where it will earn the highest yield.  Often that is back into your own business, but you should know if an alternate investment will yield more.  You should also be making more money from your business than if you got a job and invested your initial capital into something else, like an apartment building.

You may have heard Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, say on the radio, “There is no job security.  You can’t afford not to be an entrepreneur.”  If you understand these two principles, you will know why.


Now Serving Santa Clarita Valley

 e6d2b5b9-dee8-be41-5088-4fc65607dca9ScottLiebergJPGBy Scott Lieberg, CBB

I have been here at Sunbelt Business Brokers in Bakersfield for four plus years. I just checked my calendar the other day and my wife, Linda, is retiring in less than 10 months.

Having sold my first business in 1992, I love the business brokerage business and plan to continue.

Linda and I have bought a home in Pine Mountain Club, CA and so as a normal transition, I have decided to focus on the mid-sized business owners in the Santa Clarita Valley Area. .

My friend and colleague, Phil Haney has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley for years and will continue to do so.

I have always served a large geographic area, that won’t change. For me it is all about people. I look forward to working with all of you.

Agency Disclosure in Business Sales

By: Phil Haney     Senior Executive Broker & Sales Associate

Agency Disclosure for the Bureau of Real Estate and for Business Brokering in California with the California Association of Business Brokers is mandatory and critical when representing a Seller in Selling a Business and a Buyer in the Purchase Process. This is the Law under California and the California Civil Code. This Disclosure insures that any Seller and Buyer understand fully their rights when it comes to representation and transactions under the Law. So you are aware a Business Broker can be the agent of a Seller or Buyer or both the Seller and Buyer or what is called a Dual Agency. The Agency Disclosure explains concepts and definitions concerning the relationship between a principal and an agent in the sale of businesses and is required. You should read it very carefully and acknowledge that you have been advised of the contents. 

Here are a few of the main points in the Agency Disclosure: 

1. As a Seller Agent the Agent under a listing agreement with the Seller acts as the agent for the Seller only.

2. As a Buyer’s Agent a selling agent can, with a Buyer’s consent, agree to act as agent for the Buyer only. In situations like this the Agent is not the Seller’s agent.

3. An Agent representing both the Seller and Buyer can legally be the agent of both the Seller and Buyer or what is called a Dual Agency situation.

 In all cases the Agent must operate and give fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealing with various parties and other affirmative obligations with fairness.

 Under California Law for Full Disclosure the buyer and seller of a business are each required to fully and fairly disclose to the other any and all information which is known or should be reasonably known which could impact the other party’s decision to enter into a transaction.  

 With Agency Disclosure each party is advised to consult with independent attorneys, accountants, and other competent professionals on entering into a transaction. Business Brokers and Agents are not licensed, qualified or entitled to provide legal, accounting, or tax advice under Agency Disclosures and Transactions under the California Civil Code for Agency Disclosure. 

  A Business Broker Professional & Consulting Service Executive such as our Sunbelt Business Broker & Advisors organization can provide the necessary professional knowledge, skills, and business advice and Representation to either sell your business, provide consulting and an improved thought process for you, and for prospective buyers to purchase what they desire. To also represent the sale of the Business for you when ready or to assist you as a Buyer.  Give me a call or email me to coordinate a confidential meeting on your business and representation or buyer requirements. I can be reached at my email address at or calling our main office or my personal cell phone at 661-644-5313.    

Consider A Career in Business Brokerage

By John W. Willingham, CCIM, CBI, CBB

Sunbelt Business Brokers and Advisors is always looking for, “Top Quality”, individuals to join with us in the rewarding and challenging opportunity of Business Brokerage. The reason I am writing this Article for our monthly Newsletter is; many of the best Business Brokers in the business are former business owners. I suppose it could be because these individuals understand business operations better than others who have never owned a business. Our Newsletter is pointed at Business Owners and Buyers, many of which fit the profile of a good Business Broker.

Being a Business Broker is similar in many ways to owning your own business, but with the backing of a multinational corporation that will provide you with complete training and cover most of your expenses. You will need a Real Estate License to get started and we will help you with that. Unlike buying a business your startup cost will only be around $2,000.00 and many business brokers make mid six figure incomes. Check out this Video

If you like people, enjoy challenging activities and high earning potential. You owe it to yourself to give me a call. John W. Willingham (661) 332-9401 or email me at  

Balance of Life and Livelyhood

By Russ Allred, MBA

“This place is fantastic. I think everyone should come here.”  An incredible statement from a convicted executive about his new home at the Federal Prison in Taft California.  When the 67 year old arrived at the institution, he hobbled in with the use of a cane.  The stress of his arrest and subsequent trial had increased his persistent high blood pressure, ulcers and migraine headaches.   Now with 6 months of his 18 month sentence behind him, his cane and discomfort were replaced with a regular exercise regime and time to meditate, read and relax.  The Taft Correctional Institution is located in a bleak and foreboding  topography on the outskirts of the oil-patch in Central California.  The sterile cinderblock walls rise grey against the Valley-Fever laden dust.  Room accommodations consist of multiple bunks arranged around a stainless steel toilet and sink that jet out from the wall with no accessible plumbing or windows.   The infirm are sent to this prison because of its access to medical care and the quality of the food, though stray dogs have been known to turn up their noses at it.  There are no walls, nor razor-wire around this Martha Stewart-style camp for fallen CEOs. But the isolation from family, friends and firms is just as lonely.   I was serving as a volunteer minister at the prison when I met “Max.”

Max was a multimillionaire, with several businesses in his portfolio. He was convicted of securities fraud for selling stock in a new business without having filed for corporate status.  His peers at the prison were there for insurance fraud, tax evasion, and other sundry white-collar crimes.   Unlike others in the “slammer” Max didn’t have to worry about finding a job when he’d done his time.  Max was set, but at what cost?  His ironic rise to the “top,” had left his body ravaged with pain and his soul void of refuge.  For Max, prison was a welcome wake-up call to replace profits with people.

One of my purposes in writing Ten-Minute Retreats for Business Owners,  was to propose a balance between life and a livelihood.  It is unhealthy to relentlessly pursue profits.  Money is a wonderful thing.  It affords its owners with time to spend with family, the power to improve society, the exhilaration of charitable contributions, access to cultures, exposure to knowledge, and influence for good.  These are not your typical insinuations of affluence, but they could be.

To balance your life with a livelihood, you must first make enough money. Interestingly, your investment of time to earn a living can be the same as the time necessary to make a fortune, if you plan appropriately.  Instead of concentrating on your next sale, take a few minutes to consider what it would take to quintuple your sales.  As your income grows, reinvest some of your proceeds into the business that will work for you without you working.  Give sufficient interest to your loved ones as well as your investments.  Do good things for other people as well as your pocketbook.  Time in your track shoes can be good for the soul.

Max was forced to give up his executive chair for time on the dusty track of Taft prison. In the process his health improved.  He made friends.  He reconnected with his family through letters and visits.  He relearned to pray.  Do yourself a favor, choose the better track before you are forced to.

Trust is KEY!

Trust is a key and critical factor as well as bonding agent in being a Business Owner and having a Main Street Business and for Franchise Owners as well as Medium and Larger Size Companies. This is imperative as Buyers in seeking to purchase a business and to operate successfully and for Buyers to learn to increase sales revenue and develop excellent relationships with Employees and the Customer Base and the Quality of the Products and Services they represent. Business Owners and Sellers that have operated successfully have learned that Trust is a critical factor in business and relationships and that they should always continue to educate themselves not only on the Business Profit and Loss, but the Human Resource Elements to forge excellence in Customer and Employee relationships and to standout in their business and with integrity and credibility in operating for success.  

A partial definition of trust is reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or it can be a business and business owner and confidence in that business and its products, quality, customer service and its employees and the customer clientele that deal with that business. This is also trust in the fair pricing of the products or services that the business represents.

Remember, without trust a business might lack the moral compass to excel and to add value for its products and services and for customers to keep on coming back. Trust in essence is also a corner stone of the business and its owner’s reputation. For Buyers and Sellers having trust in the business and its many attributes and honesty and forthrightness in the Accounting and Books, Tax Returns, Policies and Procedures and the Sales, Costs and Profitability Factors, Sell Pricing, and its Employees and Human Resource and Business Operations in General. These Trust factors are what contribute to success for a Seller and Buyer Representation and the future vision for a business and its confidence and growth.  

A Business Broker Professional & Consulting Service Executive such as our Sunbelt Business Broker & Advisors organization can provide the necessary professional knowledge, skills, and business advice and Representation to either sell your business, provide consulting and an improved thought process for you, and for prospective buyers to purchase what they desire. To also represent the sale of the Business for you when ready or to assist you as a Buyer.  Give me a call or email me to coordinate a confidential meeting on your business and representation or buyer requirements. I can be reached at my email address at or calling our main office or my personal cell phone at 661-644-5313.


A 2020 Future View

Hindsight is 20/20, but 2020 is also in our future. The National Federation of Independent Businesses asked my projection for the growth industries of the next decade.  The easy picks continue to be energy, especially solar and health care, especially geriatrics.  The trends for both are just too strong to ignore.  There is a threat that government incentives will decline for solar but recent increases have improved production and installation techniques sufficiently to offset added costs.  The Affordable Care Act has forced millions to pay for insurance and the population is aging so there is an obvious need with added capital to satisfy that need.

Two less obvious trends occur in the retail sector. The big retailers will continue to lose revenue to on-line shopping.  It is much easier to buy direct from a manufacturer and the giant electronic retailers have increased distribution efficiencies.  However, the drive to hunt and gather is deeply ingrained in human society.  Folks still like to see and feel what they are buying.  The vacant commercial real estate vacuum will be filled with value-added and interactive stores.  The success of telephone and Apple stores is apparent.  Selling technology is enhanced when there is a consulting person to settle consumer dissonance.  Consumers will demand more interactive shopping as is found at Downtown Disney.  More and more consumers will seek experiences that affect the senses.

These trends have already overtaken many hard goods, offering mass customization. Our recent kitchen remodel featured cabinets manufactured at a remote shop, but local trades-people offered design and customized installation.   Local customization will seep into other fields like furniture, clothing, cars, sports equipment and more consumer goods.

Local customization is good news for entrepreneurs. They have or will develop skills faster than the majors can react.  The empty boutiques will have racks and shelves but will feature glassed-in workshops with sewing machines and saws.  They will received partially completed products, shipped knocked down to save on costs.  In some cases, the brands of the main street stores will be more prominent than the remote manufacturers, so declining print shops will resurrect as graphic stores.

The future is the property of those with vision. Own it!

Russ Allred MBA